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Elizabeth Seton Children’s Center

We understand how difficult the ups and downs of your child’s diagnoses can be and our team is always available and working nonstop to provide the best possible solutions, offer comfort and support for families and be there to lend a hand whenever needed. Family members play an integral role at Elizabeth Seton Children’s Center. As our partners in care, we encourage families to be active participants in their child’s medical journey and visit as often as possible.



A no visitor policy is in place at Elizabeth Seton Children’s Center due to COVID-19. Please click here to learn more.

Parents and legal guardians have 24-hour access to visit their child at the Center. One parent/guardian may stay overnight at bedside. If more than one parent/guardian wishes to stay overnight, accommodations can be made with your child’s social worker in advance to reserve our family overnight suite.

For all other visitors, visiting hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We ask that all visitors register at our main desk with Neighborhood Watch upon arrival. Parking for visitors is clearly identified at the Center to more easily accommodate family members. If transportation is needed, your child’s social worker can offer assistance in making arrangements.

We have ice and water machines, refrigerators and pantries, as well as an on-site cafeteria with vending machine food options. Guest meals can be requested through your child’s nursing staff.

During the Respiratory Virus Season, visiting restrictions are implemented for the well-being of our children. Your child’s social worker will provide more information as the season approaches.


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Elizabeth Seton Children’s School

Elizabeth Seton Children’s School deeply respects and honors the parent-child relationship; in fact, we believe that this is the very heart of a child’s early school experience. We recognize that families are their children’s first teachers, which is why actively engaging families from their initial visit to graduation day drives our daily practices.

Better Together

Better Together

Families, as equal partners, contribute to their child’s goal-setting, participate in school-wide and classroom activities and attend regular conferences and Open Center Night. We engage our families with child-specific communication notebooks, newsletters, emails, mailings, frequent phone contact and many opportunities to visit. Administrators, teachers, therapists and social workers are also available for meetings, as requested. This frequent communication promotes a powerful, two-way learning community that celebrates and enhances the home/school connection.


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Elizabeth Seton Children’s Rehabilitation Center

At Elizabeth Seton Children’s Rehabilitation Center, parent engagement is critical to integrating care with their child’s life at home, school and in the larger community.

Support Services

Support Services

We want our parents to feel empowered to care for their children at home where they grow and mature in the family environment knowing that the Rehabilitation Center will be a consistent source of support and assistance in the many years ahead.

At the Rehabilitation Center, we do not see a child with a limitation; we see a child with possibilities. Supportive services for families include: assistance with transportation needs and referrals to our educational programs, as well as other community-based services.


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