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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists at Elizabeth Seton Children’s Rehabilitation Center help medically complex children achieve their goals and reach their greatest potential both in their home and their community by using a variety of treatment techniques and equipment to help children build strength and improve their coordination, balance and mobility.

Bioness® L300

Physical therapists at the Rehabilitation Center use cutting-edge Bioness® L300 technology to painlessly deliver electrical stimulation to nerves and muscles and help children strengthen and move their legs, develop a more natural walking pattern and move more securely, with improved balance and decreased falls. As children gain more control over the movements of their legs, they have greater capacity to experience the same things as their family members and peers – from moving with joy on the playground to demonstrating self-sufficiency at school and at home.

Tyromotion PABLO®

Tyromotion equipment is used by our team of physical, occupational and speech therapists to treat children with neurological and orthopedic impairments. By challenging and encouraging children to engage in activities through games and visual feedback, PABLO® is useful for treating a child’s hands, arms, shoulders and torso. PABLO® measures range of motion, strength and weight shifting capabilities.

Clinical rotations in physical therapy are offered to students from Columbia University, Hunter College, Ithaca College, Mercy College, New York Medical College, New York University, Quinnipiac University, Sacred Heart University and Stony Brook University.

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